Allergy medications

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Allergy is a pathological reaction of the human immunity to a certain irritant. Symptoms may be different, manifested by one or at the same time “beat” on different systems of organs, which requires the prescription of different anti-allergic drugs. Usually these organs suffer:

  1. Airways: cough, agonizing cramps, heavy whistling, shortness of breath, asthma.
  2. Nose: swelling of the mucous membrane, rhinitis (runny nose), frequent sneezing, stuffiness, changes in voice, breathing difficulties.
  3. Eyes: redness, pain, burning, itching, tears, conjunctival festering.
  4. Skin. The most affected face, stomach, groin: rashes, peeling, “peeling”, eczema, hives, dermatitis, intolerable itching.
  5. Ears: tearing sensations, pain, “rumbling” in the ears, hearing loss.
  6. Head, heart: headache, hypotension. General intoxication of the body, weakness.

The disease may manifest at any age, even in the youngest children – for example, as a reaction to the introduction of new food. Knowing about this problem, you must be very careful: with a powerful attack of allergens and the lack of treatment with the right allergy medicine, even a good allergy medicine can be fatal.

The most common allergens and how to detect them

Most often an inadequate local or general protective reaction occurs to such allergens:

  1. house dust, pollen from flowering plants (pollinosis), mold fungi;
  2. medical products: antibiotics, anesthetics, iodine;
  3. food: nuts, honey, eggs, beans, dairy products, cereals, citrus fruits, bright fruit;
  4. insect and arthropod bites: bee, aspen poison;
  5. life products, skin and animal hair particles (cats, cockroaches, mites);
  6. cleaning chemicals, latex products and much more.

To identify the cause of allergy and the selection of anti-allergic drugs prescribed examinations. It is necessary to give blood for immunoglobulins, to undergo skin testing, taking samples of allergic panels, to seek help from a therapist, allergist, pulmonologist, lor doctor.

Where and how to buy effective allergy remedies?

Until now, scientists can not find a universal strong cure for allergies, which once and for all will rid humanity of this disease. Even the causes of this problem remain unclear. Excessive hygiene, global consumption of poor quality food, heredity, etc. are mentioned as possible causes of the growth of allergy and the demand for allergy medicines.

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