Best Examples of Beautiful Blog Design

In order to create the best design for your blog, you need good examples of existing blogs. In this article, you’ll see only the best examples of great blog design. Enjoy and learn at the same time.

Prepare for the lesson 

This article is your teacher of web design. And this teacher is going to teach you as pretty important lessons as:

  • Design trends 
  • How to use the best features but not copy them
  • What to look for when creating a design
  • What the user pays attention to

Of course, to find more examples you can google website design Abu Dhabi. In this way, you’ll get such an indispensable inspiration. 

Let’s start our intensive lecture! 

Lesson 1. Wistia

What does this blog teach us?

Most importantly, your blog should be readable. To achieve this goal, you need to use simple fonts. No need to experiment with colors. Use not colors but font size to highlight titles.

The most important thing on any blog is content. And your task is to do everything possible so that users don’t distract anything from the content. Therefore, don’t complicate your blog. Do everything minimalist. Use a minimum of colors, fonts, effects. 

Content matters more than everything else. Minimalistic design is always stylish. Do you want to get a stylish blog, don’t you?

Lesson 2. Drift

What is Drift about? 

Drift blog is about beauty. This blog tells us that beauty is a structure. Pay attention to details of this blog and you’ll understand the roots of this secret. 

One big column with a large and bright picture. Is that enough? Of course, it is!

Using Drift, you understand simplicity is a key and especially when your target to make a good blog. 

The strong structure of Drift blog is an advantage. Such a design is so good that it’s capable of inspiring others. 

Lesson 3. Sigstr

This blog shows us how beautiful design make us fall in love with content

This blog uses two columns. Restraint is the strength of this blog. 

Two columns help to place more information, but even in this case, information doesn’t become too much. Great design doesn’t distract from the content. 

Of course, this site is in trend. And when you look at it, you understand why this is so.

Lesson 4. InVision

Learning to break rules with a good example

Do you remember the rule that all titles should be short? InVision is the best example of breaking this rule in the best possible way. A lot of users like their long descriptive titles. Such titles are one of the features of this blog. You should be brave enough to break the rule and at the same time, you should be wise enough to do it appropriately. 

Also, InVision is an example of the great using slider. 

They use the 3-column layout with short and cool excerpts. You have no chances not to fall in love with content designed this way.

Lesson 5. Sprout Social

This blog teaches us to think about the user and shows how to do it

This blog design is a great example of a smart strategy. You see one ‘full-width’ column. This design works on the same principle as the Instagram feed. The user doesn’t distract from a single header. Then he flips down. He evenly pays attention to each article. He wants to scroll down to see what else he can learn.

Also, pay attention to the font hierarchy, which in this case is wonderful and clean. Even such a nuance encourages the user to spend more time on your blog.

Was this article much more interesting than a lecture at the university? Hope so. 

Now you know what to look for creating a blog design. Think about users, and then the user will return to your blog again and again.