Does Web Design Impact Customer Experience?

The answer is very much obvious. Yes, web designing impact customer digital experience a lot in many ways. The website’s usability, aesthetics, and other vital factors play an important role in the success of a company in the long term.

This is the most important tool of the marketing strategy of any company. It is utterly imperative for online marketing strategies. It adds to the web site’s usability besides enhancing its look and feel which is also termed as aesthetics.

One must consider this as a company’s main motive is to maximize profit that can only be achieved through the potential customers. That’s why; user experience in terms of the website must be perfect. Codepater is the best web design company in India having its base in Pune.

Here you can see how does web design impact customer experience:


Web Design is all about the look and feel of the website which impacts the customer experience. As they say “the first impression is the last impression”. A Web Design Company like Codepater ensures that the design is impressive and trendy and it is coded on the latest technologies. The website pages must be responsive to fit with the various screen sizes. There are other things which need to be taken care of like fonts, color, images, spacing, brightness, navigation etc. Videos are best for engaging visitors. Most importantly a Responsive Web Design will guarantee that you can pull up the website perfectly.

Conversion Rate

A Web Design Company like Codepater always aims at enhancing the conversion rate because this is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This is because if there are not enough clients and customers, it will be challenging for you to survive. To increase the conversion rate, we try to design attractive and engaging websites as if the website is good at look and feel, it would retain visitors for a long time on the website increasing the conversion rate.

Load Time

The Load Time refers to the time that a user spends while waiting for the website to load. It is an important factor for the search engines to rank your website. Since, most of the people get online over smartphones, Codepater:  the best Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Consulting Company always develop very light websites.

There are certain strategies which are practiced to do so and some of them are code optimization, image optimization, removing unnecessary spaces, removing autoplay option from the multimedia etc. Images and videos make a website very heavy. So, one should avoid unwanted images on a page. Above all, certain scripts also make a website very heavy. In that case, one needs to rewrite the code or change the code completely.

Responsive Design

As per the latest trends, the website should be responsive so as to fit with the different screen size of the various devices. If the website is responsive, the text is readable on small devices as well. We, at Codepater, hire the best web designers of India in our team to give the best results.  We develop a hundred percent responsive websites to make it more user-friendly.

Codepater, The Best Web Design Company

Web design helps in increasing traffic on your website and when there is a significant amount of traffic on your website the search engines rank your website on the top. Your website represents your company online. It builds your online reputation. Therefore, contact Codepater, the best web design, digital marketing, and consulting company as early as possible and get your website to increase the number of your potential customers and put your business on the fastest growing track.