Papa John’s pizzerias

This brand is known almost all over the world, they make American pizza on thick pastry. Practically everyone likes this pizza, and you can even buy special gift cards at But the history of this brand will surely leave no one indifferent.

The story of the legendary Papa John’s

John Schnatter was born in 1961 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. His mother, a real estate agent, was an example for her son and set a high bar for school grades and quality of work. And his father was a judge and entrepreneur whose attempts to run a business were unsuccessful: the house regularly lost electricity and water due to unpaid bills. Schnatter saw where the failures led, but was inspired by them.

Schnatter started working early: at the age of 15 he took a job as a dishwasher at the local Rocky’s pizzeria. When there were many visitors, he was transferred to the kitchen to help the cooks, where he kneaded dough and made tomato sauce. Schnatter loved this activity: he began to invent recipes for the perfect pizza and hide them in his room. At the age of 15, John Schnatter thought of his own business for the first time. That’s when he first started making pizzas. 

Working in this institution, young Schnatter began to slowly understand the desire of customers. If a plate was returned to the sink empty, it meant that the customer was very satisfied.  But if the guest did not like the dish, then often a few pieces of pizza were left on the plate, which the guest did not even want to take with him.

Also young John drew his attention to the fact that in those years, pizza delivery was mainly engaged only in foreign pizza companies, which worked in franchises. The advantage of these companies was, of course, delivery of pizza to any place, but the disadvantage of the quality of the offered product. But the local pizzerias were not engaged in delivery, but made a very high quality and tasty product.

After graduating from university and returning home, 22-year-old John Schnatter was unpleasantly surprised by the deplorable condition of his father’s bar “Mick’s Lounge”. The institution was on the verge of bankruptcy and it was necessary to correct the situation somehow. Schnatter Jr. dared to take a desperate step, he sold his favorite car Camaro Z28 1972 release and decided to let all the proceeds into the business. He buys pizza equipment and installs it in the back room of his father’s bar. So the first Papa John’s pizzeria appears. They started selling pizzas at $5 each and at 50 cents each for beer.

In starting this business, John and his father set a goal to reach a profit of $100000 per year. But after working for a while, they were surprised by their earnings. At that time, their weekly revenue started at $9000, and their competitors had a maximum of $6000 per week! Paying his attention to such giants as KFC and Long John Silver, Schnatter realized that through franchises they could quickly conquer other cities in the U.S., and then the countries. So it happened, now there are 4500 franchise Papa John’s systems. 700 of them belong to John Schnatter, and all the others exist independently.

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