What is the top reason for global outsourcing of IT services?

Across the globe businesses large and small face the need for digital transformation. They need to become more agile, use their resources more cost-efficiently, ensure better predictability of the software delivery lifecycle and mitigate risks. As lack of in-house talent is quite commonplace, they have to outsource their IT operations and projects. Thus said, what is the top reason for global outsourcing of IT services?

As the name implies, IT outsourcing is the delegation of certain IT operations to a third-party provider, instead of forming an in-house team to cope with the task. The benefits of such an approach are numerous and well-described:

  • Instant access to top-notch talents. A-grade IT infrastructure engineers work for either industry leaders like AWS or GCP, or Managed Services Providers, like IT Svit https://itsvit.com/. Why so? Because their thirst for creative work cannot be quenched by doing routine operations time and again. They want variety and diversity that can be achieved only by dealing with multiple projects over a short timespan. Thus said, the chance of hiring such talents on a market is pretty slim, so outsourcing IT operations is the fastest way to access their skills and expertise.
  • Polished workflows and ready teams. Project onboarding can take up to 30% of total project time and cost up to 50% of the overall budget. Thus said, hoping that a team of freshly-hired talents will begin working smoothly at once — such hope can lead to disastrous results. Therefore, hiring well-combined dedicated teams with polished workflows and dozens of successfully completed projects behind their backs is the only pragmatic way to go.
  • Experience with cutting-edge technology. MSP teams have access to the latest versions of most popular DevOps tools and Big Data solutions. They use such a toolkit for all projects, including the one you will start with them. Thus said, you will receive a system composed of top-notch platforms and configured by experts so that you will get the best ROI for your business.
  • Reduced time-to-market for your product. It is a logical consequence of all the above. Trained experts, polished workflows, latest-generation tools — all of these ensure the code is delivered with high quality and on time, as well as released according to the schedule.

As you can surely see, working with an IT outsourcing company is quite beneficial for a business of any size, for a variety of reasons. However, why not outsource to a company next door? What is the top reason for GLOBAL outsourcing of IT services?

The point is, while the coding or DevOps skills can be learned by anyone and anywhere, the cost of living differs quite a lot across the globe. Thus said, the cost of outsourcing IT services to Eastern Europe is about 50% lower, as compared to hiring a dedicated team in the US.

What services can such a partnership provide?

We list just the most commonplace of IT outsourcing projects:

  • Designing and implementing IT infrastructure from scratch
  • Auditing the existing IT infrastructure, determining its drawbacks and bottlenecks
  • Designing and implementing the solutions for the existing bottlenecks
  • Cloud transition from the legacy servers
  • Cloud migrations between cloud computing service providers
  • Cloud monitoring, backups & restoration, logging and alerting
  • Implementation of real-time Big Data analytics
  • Training Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • MVP development for startups
  • Ongoing updates for a product and scaling to enterprise

Conclusions on the top reason for global outsourcing of IT services

To wrap it up, companies big and small across the globe begin to realize they lack access to the talent needed for remaining competitive in the fast-paced business landscape of the 21st century. The need to get things done fast and done well forces them to hire IT outsourcing providers in order to gain access to the skills and expertise they need. This is the top reason for global outsourcing of IT services — the businesses need their projects to be completed on time, under budget and with high quality. And this is exactly what IT outsourcing company helps to achieve!