Counter Terrorist Weapons in CS:GO

Who is better to play as a counter-terrorist or as a terrorist? To find the answer to this question, you need to know the basic pros and cons of both teams. Each team has its pros and cons, which include certain objectives, weapons, tactics and more. If you want to have more fun playing the game, then you should buy exciting cs go cases. But first you should learn how to play CS:GO and gradually improve your skills. In the game counter strike special forces are equipped with the following weapons. 

The main weapon of the counter-terrorists

  • M4A1 is a very effective weapon, which is easy to control at close range and at long range. The rifle has less dispersion than the Ak-47, so clips are easier to make. At long range, you can fire 1-2 rounds at a time or clip after you’re seated. The M4 also has a silencer, which many cs players use. If you bolt on the silencer, the accuracy when shooting at long range will increase. 
  • 45 USP Tactical is an excellent pistol that has a good rate of fire and good damage. The USP is the standard gun given to contras at the beginning of the round. The gun is very effective, both in short and long-range firefights. The shots are accurate and effective. It happens that with a single shot to the head you can kill the enemy at once. There is a silencer, but it plays absolutely no role, although some say it increases accuracy and damage power, but in fact it is exactly the opposite.
  • Famas is an effective weapon, but not always. It has two modes: rapid-fire and regular. When using the rapid-fire mode, you can make successful clips and sweep away opponents in close combat. It is not recommended to shoot 1-2 rounds in rapid fire mode – it is ineffective. If you use regular firing mode, it is easier to make headshot, because 3 rounds Famas take away a lot of hp when hitting the head. This mode can be used not only at long range, but also at short range. Of course, if you are attacked by several opponents close to you, you won’t be able to kill all of them. Let us conclude: it is better to use the rapid fire mode in close combat.
  • Steyr AUG is a good optical rapid fire weapon, similar to SGG, but it has its pros and cons. It has powerful enough shots, but a big dispersion and the worst thing is that it has a very long reload time in comparison with other guns. The functionality is exactly the same as for the SGG. 
  • The Steyr TMP is a weak weapon, but has a very fast rate of fire. Like the Uzi, it is similar to the pistol, and in many other ways similar to the Uzi – also useful in close combat and when you are hiding. 
  • The Sig 550 is pretty much the same as the G3/SG-1, but holds more ammo and costs less. 
  • Shield – you know what it is and what it is designed for. The shield is capable of sheltering you from almost any shot, including AWP. The main disadvantages of the shield are that it slows your movement speed and accuracy of your shots is a little bit worse. In general, the shield is vulnerable and you should not take it in hard rounds.
  • Defusal Kit is a very important thing – pincers, which help counter-terrorists faster to clear the bomb set by the terrorists. It takes only 5 seconds to defuse a bomb with the help of the pliers. 

We have covered the main types of counter-terrorist weapons you will play with if you choose this side. If you want to make the game more appealing, you can use the csgo upgrade. Now there are many interesting solutions that will help you diversify the gameplay and add interesting colors to the game. Try to assess the situation and find all the features that will be most important for you. In this way the game becomes more pleasant and you will have some fun there.